Hello, my name is Zac Cook and welcome to my Efolio.  Let me take this opportunity to thank you ahead of time for visiting my Efolio.  I am using this professional network so that people, much like yourself, can get a closer look at what I am really about.  A lot of times, employers have many resumes to go through and analyze when looking for someone coming out of college to work for them, like myself.  I understand the process for both party's can be rough and that is why I decided to engage in this network.  Not only because it is a requirement here at Holy Cross College, but because of how long, drawn out and even boring reading a normal resume can be sometimes for someone in your position.  I decided to provide possible employers with this network so they can get a closer look at what I am really like.  Again, thank you for taking time to look at my Efolio.  I hope it helps you learn more about me, along with giving you a different perspective on the hiring process than just the traditional resume.